Keeping it clean and green

Here at Salus Fatigue Foundation we know the benefits of being kind to ourselves, our thoughts, words, movement, nutrition. What we put in and on our body can have great benefits and impact on our physical, mental and emotional health. And with this in mind we are trying to be kind in our working environment and to our planet. Our teas that both staff and beneficiaries use are plastic free, no plastics in us or in our recycling. The tea bags go into our little pot before being taken to compost. We also compost our apple cores, banana skins and any other plant based food waste. This then gets used in one of our team member's gardens and we benefit from the cooking apples grown in the compost.
The nature of our work now means we are printing less but any paper and card is recycled (we use single sided printed paper as our note pads).  Any single use plastic, which is rare now, is also recycled if it cannot be used for storage of stationery. The weekly waste we produce and take out as ref…

From fatigue to fantastic

In 2016 I was struggling with teaching, a secondary school PE teacher who couldn’t even
put the trampoline out never mind demonstrate moves. I was also teaching sports
massage but I was hurting through fingers, wrists, elbows. I was also part of the medical
team at my local rugby club. Cold rugby pitches were awful places when everything was
hurting and I could not get myself warm. I found more and more that I was not able to dress myself easily, I was collapsing in
lessons, being driven home on multiple occasions. Reading and writing became
challenging if I was over tired, the futon was where I spent many a night in order that I
could give my husband a better night’s sleep. I was in pain and discomfort most nights
and struggled to feel refreshed enough to get up in the morning. A lot of this will resonate with a lot of people. I was determined that I would recover
from this quickly and carry on with teaching, being a wife and mum, running marathons
and being fit and active. My body had other p…

Where it starts

To change habits that have developed and been reinforced over years and years is not easy. Sometimes it can feel like swimming against the tide with family, friends, colleagues, work, life all going against you, not understanding you (or at best going your way just for one journey then hopping off.)
In 2012 just after the closing ceremony of the Olympics my world changed. People say this and some have gone through far worse and it really has a deep effect, others say it and really mean one element of their life changed for a while before returning to something similar to what they had before. I think if you change how you think, respond to others, what you eat, your perception of yourself and your relationship with yourself after a traumatic event then you have probably changed your world, or your world has changed.
I am a mother of a fantastic son, wife to a lovely and quite patient husband, sister to two very strong women (who sometimes don't realise how strong they are), daught…